Have a special event planned?
We'd love to drive our truck to you and set up for a two and a half hour service -- the first half hour we will do quesadilla platters and then do two hours of all you can eat of any three out of the five tacos we offer on our menu.
Our cooking style is fresh and healthy, with loads of big flavors. Located in Woodbury, CT, please check out our menu page for a more detailed description of our tacos.


  Days of the            1 – 50            51 – 75           76 – 100       101 - 125
      Week                Guests          Guests             Guests          Guests
        -                     $1100             $1350             $1600             $1850

       &                     $1200             $1450             $1700             $1950

On holiday weekends Sunday and Monday rates are the same as Friday and Saturday

Please note that a 6.35% tax will apply.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your date, with the balance due at the end of the event. We only accept payment by cash or check. We do not add gratuity on to our bills, we leave that to the discretion of the host.
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