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This page is under construction, still figuring out the wording and dialing it in. This is what I've got at the moment.
We'd be happy to put together a deconstructed taco bar for you. Just to give you a run down of what we do in regards to a taco bar. You order any of our tacos and we’ll deconstruct them, and serve all the fixins on the side. People can then construct their own tacos. We charge based on a per taco basis, it’s $3.75 a taco, so you can sort of figure out the cost that way. When figuring out how many to order I'd air on the side of caution. I find that guests can be a little heavy handed when constructing their own plates, so I'd recommend going heavy on certain meats that you feel will be popular.

We can do quesadillas. There are four pieces per quesadilla, so you can figure out how many you’d need based on what you’d think people would eat. Our chicken quesadillas are $4.50 each.

We can do rice and beans. So people could make rice bowls as well. Rice and beans are $2.00 per person.

We can also provide a disposable steam table kit. It’d be between $25 and $50, depending on how many are needed.

Everything would have 7.35% sales tax and a 15% gratuity added on.

We do not deliver, so someone would have to pick up the food on the day of the event. We can schedule a time.